Learning to Learn

At St Mark’s, we are always trying to improve our teaching and learning. As a whole school community, we all use Growth Mindsets and excellent Learning Attitudes; we enjoy Learning to Learn!

Growth mindset

Developing an understanding of growth mindset which underpins teaching and learning at St Mark’s.

In Term 1, we all read the book ‘Your Fantastic Elastic Brain’ which is a good summary of growth mindset theory. We also learned about what happens when we learn and how the brain works. Please ask if you would like to borrow a copy of this book.

Here are some ways to talk to help us keep a growth mindset. We want to use the phrases on the right and try not to use the ones on the left.


Learning Attitudes

Learning Attitudes embedded in the school culture.

You will see our Learning Attitudes displayed in classrooms and on children’s “Passports to progress” booklets, where there are useful phrases to use. Ask you child what our six learning attitudes are. Here is a mindmap to help understand what they mean. If you would like any more information or how to encourage our learning attitudes, please ask.

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