Welcome to a brave new world

Date: 14th Oct 2020 @ 4:24pm

Dear Lovely Parents/Carers

Welcome to our fantastic new website.

After many years of feedback and handing the torch over to the eager SLT we now have a website to be even prouder of. I most grateful to Mr Williams for his enduring patience and super human skills in researching, collating and herding all of our cats to present this to you. His leadership and encouragement have brought us to this point and remains inspirational. We like to think of our website as a Toys R Us approach - everything under one roof rather than gone bust! We hope you find it informative and of interest. I am also eternally grateful to Martin Jones for the stunning photos and our wonderful Friends of St Mark's (PTA) for funding the venture. Exciting times. A brave new world indeed.

Now I've got a platform I may be blogging a bit more often. Who knows what will be on my mind.

Very best wishes


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