Free School Meals

All infant school children, those in reception, Y1 and Y2 have been entitled to free school meals since September 2014. Just tell your school that you want your child or children to have free school meals. If your infant child would have been entitled to free school meals under the old system, because you are receiving qualifying benefits (listed below) the government will give your school a Pupil Premium of £1,320 for primary-aged pupils. For the school and your child to benefit from this money we need to know that you are receiving a qualifying benefit. Please complete the claim form which is available from the school office or you can download it from the Wiltshire Countil website.

To claim free school meals, please click:  Wilshire Council Free School Meals Form

For children in Y3-6, free school meals are not provided automatically. You must be in receipt of one of the benefits shown below to be eligible for FSM for your child.

  • Free school meals are available to eligible children that attend school within Wiltshire, on a fulltime basis. This includes nursery children (of compulsory school age) who attend school fulltime and sixth form students (but not college or Further Education level students). If you live in Wiltshire, but your child attends schools in another Local Authority area (e.g. Somerset, Hampshire or Swindon), you should apply via that Local Authority.
  • We are now able to check entitlement to free school meals via a secure government
    website, which links to your benefit providers. However, if the eligibility checking service (ECS) has not been able to verify your entitlement, we will then need to contact you to ask for evidence to show you are currently in receipt of one of the eligible benefits.
  • We cannot backdate claims. The date of entitlement is the date that we confirm your eligibility, using the ECS or paperwork supplied, and successfully process your application

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