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Chestnut Class Recorders - May 2023








Beech Class Recorders - May 2023




Ash Class Recorders - May 2023







Opera Magic visits St Mark's

On Thursday 14th July, St Mark's children were lucky enough to enjoy a live performance and workshop from 'Opera Magic'. The children learnt about Gilbert & Sullivan, the ranges of different operatic voices, and got to hear the power of the voice up close. Some children even helped with the performance by assisting on stage. Some of the comments from the children were:  'it was really fun', ' I thought it was quite emotional to hear', 'I didn't realise that opera had lower voices too, I thought it was always high'.









Term 6  Year 3    

Beech Recorder Concerts

Ash Recorder Concerts

Chestut Recorder Concerts



Term 6

A blessing for leavers

The Servant King (Mr Flemington's favourite hymn - with some leaving messages for him).

Year 3 Term 5

Ash Class playing Ninja Meercat


Spooky blues by Ash Class

Ash Class play Limbo Rock

Spooky Blues played by Beech Class

Ninja Meerkat by Beech Class

Match Day by Beech Class

Spooky Blues by Chestnut Class

Chestnut Class playing Ninja Meercat

Chestnut Class playing Match Day!

Year 5 Term 1 

The children have been creating spy themes using Garage Band on ipads.They created pieces in 3 sections using rstrings, drums, apple loops and sound effects.

Alice and Ella’s spy 🕵️‍♀️ song FINAL.m4a Emily Millie maple FINAL😎.m4a Jonah and George FINAL😎.m4a Henry and summer maple FINAL.m4a LIME HARRY TEXAS FINAL🎶🍂 WELL DONE.m4a Lime LB CS FINAL WELL DONE.m4a Zack and Gabriel FINEL🏆🏆🏆lime WELL DONE.m4a Bella and edee oak FINAL 🤩🤪🤗.m4a Oak Gaia and Ella 1 special FINAL🥶😉🙃.m4a Spy Alex rider Ed + Jorja FINAL.m4a P&E oak Final.m4a

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