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LOGO letters

Date: 3rd Dec 2020 @ 7:43pm

In Year 3, we created these letters by using arrows and then editing our code in  LOGO.

We used these commands:

arrow buttons, reset, setpensize, colour, penup, pendown 

4 fun online activities for Maths Week England (or any time)

Date: 7th Nov 2020 @ 10:25am

Really big numbers

If big numbers, really big numbers are your thing, here is a great little website that turns numbers written in figures into text so you can read them.


A space-themed game which helps you learn and practice reflections, rotations and enlargements on a grid.


A clever take on the  80s computer game where you have to arrange falling shapes to make complete rows.  
The original version Tetris with different shapes that you rotate is good fun too and helps you develop shape skills.  The whole site Mathigon is worth exploring.

j2e maths activities

A range of activities including tutorial videos using the amazing j2e tools.



Perfect primitive art!

Date: 14th Oct 2020 @ 3:46pm

Year 3 learners have been working hard creating giant mammoths whilst utilising their shading, hatching and line pencil skills. The corridor has even turned into a prehistoric cave complete with paintings and collaborative art projects.

Year 3 log in to j2e

Date: 17th Sep 2020 @ 4:03pm

This week in Computing we logged into j2e.  There are lots of exciting tools to help us learn, including Spell Blast and TT Blast to practise our spelling and tables.  It would be really great if children could learn their username and password. - just2easy home page

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