RE is about
Respect, Believe, Wonder


St Mark’s is proud to be a Church School committed to doing our best for children.  We aim to provide a welcoming, caring and inclusive environment where every child is respected and valued for their unique contribution to life. We are a school where all children will be challenged to achieve their best whatever the situation, and where they will be encouraged and supported in their endeavours. Reaching in, we take pride in developing ourselves, our talents, our confidence, and the positive attitudes to help us in all situations. Reaching out, we work hard to develop fruitful relationships and seek to serve others within and beyond our community. We develop an understanding of the world we live in and show high levels of respect and responsibility towards others and our world. Reaching up, we look for inspiration, by wondering and marvelling at the universe around us. We look to the future with hope, and seek to understand how we relate to the ‘bigger picture’.  We seek to understand the Christian experience and live out Christian values, while respecting and valuing those of all beliefs.


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