St Mark's is proud to be a Church of England School commited to a vision of "Believing in Better" for every individual child. We aim to provide a welcoming, caring and inclusive environment, where every child is respected and valued for their unique contribution to life. A high-quality Religious Education helps children come to a knowledge and understanding of religion, beliefs, ethics and ways of life. At St Mark's RE is taught from an enquiry approach, enabling children to explore deeper questions of meaning and purpose in life. RE provides a clear focus for pupils to wonder, reflect upon, and respond to their own beliefs and experiences in the light of their learning about religion. Children will be taught five religions throughtout their time at St Mark's: Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism, Hindusim, and Islam.  Alongisde religions studied, non - religious world views are also explored; such as Humanism, Pagenism and Atheism. 

At St Mark's we seek to understand the Christian experience and live out Christian biblical values, whilst respecting those of all beliefs. St Mark's is a diverse school with many beliefs, religions, and cultures represented. We take pride in creating opportunites for these to be celebrated within our school community. 


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