Google Classroom: How to...

Hand in work

  1. In classwork, click on an assignment
  2. Then "view assignment"
  3. Under "My work" click "add or create"
  4. You can add a
    1. File - on your computer or device, eg a photo or scan of your work
    2. Link - a link to a website that you have found - or it could be the address of a j2e page
    3. Google Drive - a document that you have created in Google Drive (doc, slides, Coggle mind map....)
  5. You can create
    1. Google drawing - a great way to sketch, draw, write ideas, add pictures - a bit more like a j2e page
    2. Google Doc - like a word document Google Slides - like a power point

Hand in j2e work

  1. Do somme of your work in j2e
  2. You could use a template or just make your own page in j2e5
    1. shared files - j2e5 templates -
    2. shared files - Visual tools
  3. When you have finished, print but choose "Save to pdf" instead of actually printing
  4. Hand in the pdf file to Google Classroom

Work on PDFs and hand in

Some people will find it easier to print out sheets and work on them by hand - you can then scan or phtograph them to hand in. However, if you would like to work on the sheet online, there are ways to do this.

Here's an easy way to work on PDFs, eg maths sheets then hand them in.
YouTube videos below, depending on which device you are working on.

iPad -
Chromebook/laptop/PC - (doesn't need to be a touchscreen as in the title)

How do I edit a piece of work that I have already added? (iPad)

  1. Tap on the assignment
  2. Swipe up "Your Work" from the bottom
  3. Tap the work to open it
  4. Use the pen tool to add to it then press "save"

How can I hand in more than one piece of work?

  • Under "Your work", click "Add or create" to add your work but don't click "Hand in".
  • "Hand in" means you have finished the whole assignment.
  • Your teacher can see the work you have added - then you can click "Add or create" again to add more work.
  • (If you do click "Hand in" too early, the button changes to "Unsubmit" which you can click and then you will be able to add more work.) I hope that helps.

How do we contact the teacher?

  • In Google Classroom, click on "Classwork"
  • Select a particular assignment and click "View assignment"
  • On the right underneat "Your work" there is a place to type a "prive message" (or swipe up "Your work" if  you are on the iPad app)
  • Teachers are monitoring and answering these messages

How do I find my way round Google Classroom?

Hand in some written work as a Google Doc

Hand in some work as a Google Drawing

View teacher comments on a piece of work 

This video explains how to view teacher comments on uploaded work.

Remember that not all documents will have comments on.

Add j2e5 or JIT5 work to an assignment in Google Classroom

Share a link to j2e work in a Google Classroom assignment


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