At St Mark’s we aim to provide a high-quality computing education which equips pupils to develop computational thinking through programming, communication and creativity through a range of online tools.

We  think of computing in these headings:

  • Multimedia – using computers and online tools to communicate, collaborate and create.  We learn to combine, text, audio, video and animation creatively and effectively to enhance and communicate our learning.
  • Programming – developing our computational thinking to program a range of real and on-screen robots.  We use LOGO turtle programs, j2code  and Scratch.
  • Online – making the best use of the Internet and online tools.  We learn how to search for information more efficiently.  We use Google Apps for Education and – both safe environments to explore, create, collaborate and contribute.
  • Data – how to collect and analyse data in a variety of forms.  We learn how to use mindmapping tools, branching databases,  how to create graphs and online surveys.  We also learn about how networks work – how information travels from computer to computer around the world.
  • Online safety and behaviour – are aspects of safety and behaviour that we need to consider in this digital age.   These are taught in PSHE as well as in computing.  We learn how to keep ourselves and others safe and be good digital citizens.  We believe it is everyone’s responsibility at school and home to teach children how to be safe and behave well (whether or not they are using technology).

For more information, lessons and links, visit Mr W’s Computing blog.


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