We believe that the key to developing effective learning and behaviour in children is to establish a system and environment within which children are secure, motivated and happy and have the appropriate opportunities to develop their skills, talents and abilities. It is within such an environment that effective behaviour management, which has an emphasis on praise, rewards and responsibilities, through a clear system of conduct with high level expectations will support the learning and development of our children.

Good behaviour in this school is seen as conduct which assists the school to fulfil its function which is to develop the capacity of all pupils, whereas inappropriate behaviour is conduct which prevents this from happening for the individual or for other members of the school.

The school believes that a positive culture of high expectations which is promoted and modelled by all within it is essential in order for the school to achieve its aims and meet the needs of its children. Therefore on admission to the school the children will be made aware of the following expectations which will provide the basis for what is seen as appropriate conduct within the school:

  • Do your best
  • Listen
  • Be kind
  • Be helpful
  • Be responsible
  • Be honest

As part of the process of establishing high expectations, at the beginning of the year each class teacher works with their class to discuss the expectations of the school, what constitutes positive behaviour and what detracts from it.

Good behaviour needs to be carefully explained, modelled and praised. Adults in the school are trained and encouraged to develop ‘green language’ as part of their everyday interaction with everyone. This often starts with a smile and a ‘good morning’ through to praising good learning behaviour or moving sensibly around the school. Positivity encourages positive interactions. We encourage our children to responsible for their words and actions and give them many opportunities to develop as independent citizens appropriate for their age. We expect everyone in the school to treat others as they would wish to be treated. Proportionate sanctions exist for the safety, fairness and assistance of all.


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