School Lunches

School Lunches currently cost £2.50 per day and can be paid for via Arbor, our school payment system. Meals should be ordered on the day by the children, during registration.

Our school caterers are Cleverchefs

Cleverchefs website

The menu repeats on a three week rotation & starts with Week 1 on 05/09/23

Week 1 Menu – Weeks beginning 5th Sep, 25th Sep, 16th Oct, 6th Nov, 27th Nov, 18th Dec, 8th Jan & 29th Jan

Week 2 Menu – Weeks beginning 11th Sep, 2nd Oct, 23rd Oct, 13th Nov, 4th Dec, 15th Jan & 5th Feb

Week 3 Menu – Weeks beginning 18th Sep, 9th Oct, 30th Oct, 20th Nov, 11th Dec, 1st Jan & 22nd Jan

You are welcome to send a home packed lunch if you prefer, but please avoid any nut products, crisps, and chocolate or sweets.

Please remember we are a NO NUT & NO SESAME SCHOOL.
Nothing containing sesame or nuts eg humous, cereal bars & chocolate spread should be brought into school please.

If your child has an allergy please fill out the allergen request form and return to Cleverchefs.

Contact Cleverchefs -


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